Custom Formula - Practitioner

Custom Formula - Practitioner

Please note that custom formulas in capsule form can be ordered in only the following quantities:

3 bottles, 7 bottles, 10 bottles, 14 bottles, 18 bottles, or 21 bottles.

There are no limits on formulas in powder form.

Custom formula pricing is flat rate. Pricing excludes certain herb ingredients, depending on availability and supply. If your custom formula contains an ingredient not covered by flat rate pricing, a customer service representative will contact you with additional pricing information and ordering options.

Custom Formulas take longer to produce, please allow longer turn around time to fulfil and ship orders. No medical terminology and organs on labels.

Please note the following items are no longer available. Please review carefully before placing your order.

Fu Zi Xi Xin
Wu Ling Zi Ji Nei jin 
Niu Ru Shi Gon Lao Ye
Bai Ji Quan Xie
Di Long Chen Xiang
Er Chai Gou Ji
E Jiao Sang Piao Xiao
Hai Piao Xiao Ma Dou Ling
Zi He Che Lu Jiao Shuan
Lu Rong Ma Huang
Ma Huang Gen Jiang Can
Can Tui Wei Ling Xian
Bie Jia Zi Chuan Wu
Tian Nan Xing Dan Nan Xing
Wu Fu Zi Zhi Cao Wu
Mu Tong Di Bie Chong 
Huo Ma Ren  


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Form Powder
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Ru Xiang
Wen Qing Yin
Sheng Yang Yi Wei Tang
Ru Xiang Wen Qing Yin Sheng Yang Yi Wei Tang
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Hu Huang Lian
Liu He Tang
Hu Huang Lian Liu He Tang
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