Terms & Conditions

Ordering Procedures, Policies & Terms

How to Order
If you already have a Qualiherb account number, you can continue to use it with us. New accounts submit an application for approval. Upon approval, we give you an account number and a 45% practitioner discount off the patient prices listed in the catalog. To order, give us your account number, the item number, and quantity. No minimum order is required. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express, and prefer credit cards as payment at time of order. By placing an order, you agree to the terms stated on this page.

All orders must be placed through our secure website, www.qualiherb.net.

Customer Service
We ship most standard orders within 1-3 days they’re received and payment has been made. All Custom Formulas should expect 3-5 days for fulfillment. Typical transit times for FedEx Ground to the West Coast are 1-2 days.  The East Coast is 5-7 days.  We do offer UPS Express Overnight as additional shipping options.



Payment Terms
If you have net 30-day terms for your existing Qualiherb account, we will honor that. New accounts pay for orders by credit card. Accounts with 30-day terms must pay within 30 days from the date of the order.


Return Policy Within two weeks from the order date, you may return items with any damage, defect, or shipping errors for replacement, company credit, or a refund. Returning products for reasons other than damage, defect or shipping error incur a 20% processing fee.  No returns on special formula & Bensky formulas.

Price Changes Product prices and shipping fees are subject to change without notice.

Special Orders & Personalized Labeling We do custom formulas! If you would like a formula not listed in the catalog, let us know. We can print your name and clinic information right on the bottle! Please note: The FDA does not allow medical terms printed on labels.

How to Order using Bensky & Barolet’s Chinese Herbal Medicine: Formula and Strategies
For simple, error-free ordering, we have a quick and easy method by which to order using Formulas & Strategies. All Qualiherb item numbers consist of five digits. Our single herbs begin with the number “1.” Our formulas begin with the number “2.” Formulas found in Formulas & Strategies that we do not keep in stock begin with the number “3.” We consider these special order formulas. The three digits following the first digit refer to the page on which the formula appears. The last digit specifies which formula you are referring to on that page. The title must begin on that page.

Example: Qualiherb Item #31472 refers to “Rambling Powder” (Xiao Yao San) 3 – refers to Bensky & Barolet’s book 147 – denotes the page on which the formula is found 2 – denotes the second title found on that page